15 Oct 2009

Turkish teens' Trestle taster!

Last week Trestle Arts Base was buzzing with the sound of Turkish teenagers, Uskudar International School were in the building!

Embarking on an intensive theatre residency the eighth graders took a four day journey through Trestle's established mask techniques and into the unmasked physical storytelling that has characterised Trestle's work since 2004.

The work concluded with a sharing of favourite ideas that had been explored for each other, Trestle staff and colleagues.

"I don't have to rely on my voice" remarked student Tessa, on being asked what she would take with her from the project. "I know now that my body is powerful on stage."

Uskudar hope to return to Trestle next year for a similar experience, but meanwhile they will take back Trestle's unique Flamenco, Indian and Polish styles of working to inspire their colleagues and create a show in April.

Trestle Taking Part works with schools, universities, professional and community organisations worldwide to devise and run workshops, residencies and projects.

By Anna.

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