6 Jul 2011

The Man with the Luggage R&D 2011


The Man with the Luggage R&D 2011, a gallery on Flickr.

A man strives to return home, in search of his past, hopeful of his future, and longing for those he left behind. As his journey unfolds, he finds his path repeatedly blocked and his identity endlessly questioned. His luggage and his status are lost as borders are crossed, languages confused, and modes of travel conspire to thwart him. Will he ever reach his destination? ...will his luggage? ...and will his identity arrive with him?

Informed by contemporary stories of migration and repatriation, The Man with the Luggage explores our relationship with home, with nationality, and with authority. It also delves into our dependence on travel and the multitude of obstacles that await us on our journeys through stations, through ports, and through life.

Trestle Unmasked and Blindeye use an agile mix of text, movement, music, and projection, to tell a dashing and deeply moving story where notions of time, space, and memories merge to create a dreamscape of great insight, passion, and humour. It illuminates the struggles that face many of today’s displaced people, and speaks to everyone who has ever been stranded in a foreign land.


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