29 Mar 2012

Shows keep Trestle Arts Base Alive: New Professional Performance Programme funded by St Albans’ District Council

In Autumn 2011 a new programming partnership began, with St Albans City and District Council and Trestle Arts Base working together to bring the best of small scale, high quality, innovative performances from across the UK into Trestle Arts Base.

Lucy Godfrey from the Council works with us at Trestle to create a mix of art forms and voices within the programme. Running through all the shows is a passion for bringing in new audiences to professional touring work that is the best of its kind.

We began the new programme with the wonderful Just So Stories, brought to us by Red Table Theatre, which sold out at Christmas, bringing over 600 audience members to Trestle. Since then, all our work for children and their families has sold out. On the first Sunday of every month there is a children’s show and although we now recognize many of the children who come back and back for more, it’s always lovely to welcome new families to Trestle.

On the first Saturday evening of the month there are performances for young people and adults and so far we have enjoyed compelling dance theatre in The Falling Man by Smallpetitklein and brilliant physicality inThirsty by the Paper Birds. We are looking forward to welcoming a physical piece from Idle Motion, a fantastic new play, Wasted, from Paines Plough and hilarious dance comedy from the renowned New Art Club.

Soon it will best Albans’ Festival time and there’ll be a feast of new work at Trestle Arts Base, Trestle community performances at The Verulamium Museum and storytelling in the strangest of places…

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