5 Oct 2012

Trestle Masks Go Global!

Trestle is proud to have emerged stronger than ever this past year. We have had an incredibly exciting and active 12 months taking our mask sets and mask workshops all over the UK and worldwide. Our team of professional practitioners have delivered workshops for an International School in Switzerland, worked for the National Youth Theatre on a project for young males in Saudi Arabia and run a summer school residency for Youth Arts Leaders in Cork, Ireland. These workshops, in addition to a training programme delivered for teachers and businesses in India, has really put Trestle on the map as an international leader in mask and physical theatre training.

‘…the three day workshop was a hugely beneficial and transformative experience’ - National Youth Council of Ireland

(Mumbai 2012)

Trestle mask sets continue to sell globally, reaching Italy, Norway, Brazil, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and India in the past six months. We were therefore thrilled to win an award for Cultural Innovation earlier in the year, recognising Trestle’s work in delivering such a unique product across the world. It’s always great to hear where and how our masks are being used and we love receiving pictures showing the cultural diversity of the masks!
(Saudi Arabia 2012)

‘They are perfect for our needs’ – King George V School, Hong Kong (2012)

‘Thank you for a wonderful workshop. Am taking back a lot to share with the little ones at schools.’ – Workshop participant, Bangalore, India

If Trestle Masks haven’t reached your part of the world, be the first to order your set today and send us a picture! Email masks@trestle.org.uk or click on Mask Shop

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