20 Jan 2015

Trestle Artistic Director Emily Gray to Direct NEW Jodie Kidd musical ‘Yarico’

We are delighted to announce that Emily Gray will be directing Yarico - The Musical, produced by John and Jodie Kidd and opening at The London Theatre Workshop this February.
Jodie Kidd Emily Gray Hillary ElkThe story of Yarico was first recorded by Richard Ligon in his book, True and Exact History of the Island of Barbados, published in 1657. On hearing her story, Ligon wrote: “And so poor Yarico for her love, lost her liberty.”
Bringing the story of Yarico to the stage has been a 10-year labour of love for producers John Kidd and his daughter Jodie, the model and UK TV presenter, who both have strong connections to Barbados, where they have a family home.
In a move to bring this forgotten story to a modern audience, John and Jodie have commissioned Yarico, which is based on the known facts of the original story.
For more information visit click here or visit www.facebook.com/yaricothemusical.

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