28 Aug 2009

Have you ever been to the theatre alone?

Last Friday I went to the cinema on my own. It's something I do every now and again - especially when my husband isn't up for viewing the latest "chick flick" (this time it was Coco Before Chanel). I must say I quite enjoy going solo - you can sit wherever you want (my preference is always in the middle and slighly right of screen) and you don't have to share the popcorn.

Whilst waiting for the movie to start I was reminded of the SATC episode when Charlotte exclaims in horror "...but you can't go to the movies alone on date night" in response to Carrie's admission that she'd been to the movies on her own. Of course you can and many people do. Indeed I wasn't the only person there flying solo that night.

And so I got to thinking, would I ever go to the theatre on my own? I've never done so up until now. But why is that? Why is it any different to going to the movies sans friends? Is it because I feel that somehow theatre is more deserved of a bigger audience (and by that I mean myself and at least a plus one) or do I revel too much in the obligatory post show debate with friends?

It's ironic perhaps that for someone in marketing who is responsible for audience development that I can't even explain the logic (or lack there of) behind my own behaviour as a consumer. I guess that's is why major corporations pay the big bucks for extensive research into this very thing. So without a definative answer I think I will end this blog with the very question that inspired it... have you ever gone to the theatre alone?

By Gemma


  1. Funny, I was just having this discussion with a friend of mine the other day. I've been to both the opera and theatre on my own and to be honest, I quite enjoy myself. Sometimes I really do need some "me" time and a darkened theatre transporting me to another world is sometimes just the trick.

  2. I regularly go to the theatre by myself not only to extend my appreciation and gather more knowledge of the craft I've decided to immerse myself in, but because it's easier to get to see things. Many a time I've asked if friends want to go but they may not have the time, money or similar taste. So I relish in going by myself because I can sit in the darkened room, soak up what's going on and then stew in it. I think there's too much tension (and to some degree pressure) to immediately start discussing it as soon as the house lights have gone up.

    As winesleuth rightly puts it, "me" time isn't necessarily at home surrounded by luxurious pretty things, it's all about gaining an experience or doing what you fancy.

    I for one promote theatre-going by oneself!