7 Aug 2009

Let the show begin...

We've arrived in Edinburgh for the Fringe and the sun is shining down on us; a good omen surely especially as we've heard it's bucketing down in London (who would have thought you had to come to Scotland for the good weather)!!

Our brand new tour van departed St Albans at 11am yesterday after much hilarity trying to fit everything in and only an hour behind schedule. After one false start having realised 5 minutes into our journey that we'd left a prop behind, we turned onto the M1 and there we stayed for the next 9 hours and 38 minutes.

Natalie our Administrative Producer took the helm behind the wheel with Emily (Artistic Director) and Fi (Miss Eliza Gilbert) up front and our lovely General Assistant Sam sandwiched between Georgie (the one and only Lola Montez) and I (Marketing Manager) in the back. A couple of pit stops and countless jelly babies later we made it to Edinburgh just before the sun set. After a quick run through with Neil our tech guru and with our bellies full of yummy pasta (thanks Nat!) we all stumbled into bed about midnight.

And so it is day 1 one of our Edinburgh adventure. Let the mayhem and madness of the Fringe begin...

By Gemma

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