17 Aug 2009

People are "dying" to get their show noticed at the Fringe

I spent alot of time on the Royal Mile while up in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival. Like its name suggests, this is a pedestrian street exactly one mile long and at the heart of the Edinburgh Fringe.

At all times of the day it is absolutely heaving with people promoting their shows; they cajole, coax, bribe, plead and beg people to come and see their show in favour of one of the other 2089 on offer at this years Festival.

People will do just about anything to get noticed. I've stepped over people playing dead in the middle of the street, had to duck under a clothes line lined with ladies underwear, and then there are the costumes...

It's fair to say that pretty much anything goes at the Edinburgh Fringe. I've even been told about a bar where people can plug their show to punters for free - just as long as they do it in the nude - and I hear there have been no shortage of people willing to do just that!!!

By Gemma

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